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Searchmetrics Suite 5.9 is now available

Today we released a new version of the suite that has new features, improvements, and a lot more data coming in to ensure that we keep the largest and freshest database of all the SEO analytics tools that are on the market.

Searchmetrics aspiration is to provide you the data immediately after aggregation. Especially for the weekly data in the quick analysis tool we are working flat out to create the best possible data base for you.

Here are the highlights:

  • data from Austria for Quick Analysis tool and Google News UK performance are now available to support our international growth
  • For premium and ultimate users all country options are now available in longtail analysis and quick analysis
  • a lot more data for the Longtail Analysis section of the Performance module (e.g. UK data now available, increased our database to 50 million domains and 25 million keywords)
  • Refinement of  filtering functionality of backlink analysis tool
  • a brand new module: Links


And now for the full release notes:

Performance Module

Longtail Analysis

As well as being able to conduct a Longtail analysis of German & US domains, users can now do it for UK domains too. This means that they can analyse organic, paid, news, image, maps, video, shopping, and blog (this is new and will be explained further down) results for UK domains. They can view up to 2 months back of UK domain history.

As a special highlight for premium and ultimate users  all country options (Germany, USA, UK) are now available in longtail analysis.

Longtail analysis with UK datas
Longtail analysis with UK datas

Performance Database

To support our international expansion and keep you updated with the biggest & freshest database of keywords and domains, we’ve increased it from:

•    16 to 25 million keywords
•    45 to 50 million domains

Caching is now no longer necessary because of the switch to live queries, which means even faster load times for you all.

In addition to this big increase in keywords and domains, users can now see up to two years of domain history for all the German ones (was previously one year).

Universal Search: Blogs

In the Longtail Analysis a user can insert any domain they want and we will analyse if there are any blog results on the SERPS.

You can see below the keywords that have grown for the domain that was entered in the Longtail Analysis.

Universal Search - Blogs
Universal Search – Blogs

When you click the “Show all” button, you’ll see the complete view: Keyword, URL, title, position, average traffic, average traffic potential, CPC.

Now you will know what keywords have to be optimized to increase traffic to your blog(s)!

Quick Analysis

Data from Austrian SERPS is now available in the Quick Analysis tool. This is great news for our Austrian users who can from now on analyse their own organic and paid search performance locally against that of their competitors and track it over time. Obviously, this will also come in handy for companies who want to enter the Austrian Market.

Equally to longtail analysis all country options (Germany, USA, UK and Austria) will be available for premium and ultimate users.

Longtail analysis - AT datas
Longtail analysis – AT datas

There’s been a little usability improvement here: the country is selectable by way of a drop-down menu instead of clicking a flag.


Market Analysis

Google News Performance

More good news for our UK users: Google News UK Performance is now available!

Users can now keep track of the most important publishers and their articles from Google News UK with a daily overview and updates every 15 minutes, compare them and identify which domains are currently the most important publishers.

Google News UK Performance
Google News UK Performance

This is a very useful feature for news sites & blogs who want to know who’s hot and who’s not in Google News search results pages.


New Module: Links

A brand new module is now available called “Links”, which has its own tab between the Keywords and Traffic ones.

We’ve moved the Backlink Analysis tool that was previously under the Domains tab here, and we will be introducing a couple of really nifty new features beginning 2011.

New module - Links
New module – Links

Backlink Analysis

We’ve introduced a unique filtering functionality to the filter settings of the analysed backlinks section of the tool that allows users to type in a link text, search for that link text within all the backlinks of their domains, and apply a “Wildcard” or “Exact” filter to refine the results.

•    Wildcard: will display results that have part of the link text entered
•    Exact: will display results that precisely match the link text entered


New filter settings
New filter settings

This new functionality will save users a lot of time by removing the task of manually importing the data into a spread-sheet and applying their own filters to it.


Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year!
The Searchmetrics Product Team