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Q3 2020 in Review: SEO Industry Trends – Tyson Stockton // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he concludes his Q3 2020 conversation with Searchmetrics’ Senior SEO Manager Kathy Brown and VP of Services Tyson Stockton about the SEO industry trends that emerged this quarter. One of the biggest developments throughout the year, and especially in Q3, is the evolution of Google’s BERT.

When it debuted last year, BERT was announced with an algorithm update and was integrated in the Google infrastructure and system. BERT initially only impacted 10% of queries, but almost a full year later it has analyzed the intent of almost every English query. The update significantly improved Google’s natural language learning processes, and better understands the nuances of English words used in all queries.

Google is using BERT context improvements to better highlight passages within articles. The indexation of passages is designed to improve the accuracy of long-tail keywords. The extension will continue to improve the accuracy of long-tail keywords to better surface faster answers for users.