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Product vs Marketing Led SEO – Eli Schwartz // SEO Consultant


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro speaks with SEO consultant Eli Schwartz about the difference between marketing-led SEO and product-led SEO strategies. An important aspect to understand is product approaches require more research in the product building process.

Product led efforts generally require a full team behind them whereas marketing efforts are typically singular. Product approaches are more company centric and focused on key metrics to invest in the right efforts to successfully grow the business. The product approach focuses specifically on whether a product is profitable or not. KPIs are more rigid in product marketing, which better measures profitability from rankings compared to marketing approaches. 

SEO is generally positioned in the center of most of your company’s team operations. Regardless of which team you’re operating on, maintaining successful cross-functional relationships in marketing and product-led approaches is key to success.