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Product Led SEO – Eli Schwartz // SEO Consultant


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro speaks with SEO consultant Eli Schwartz about what is product-led SEO and how SEO becomes the product. In their conversation, Schwartz talks about how a product-led SEO differs from content-led SEO and why it’s more advantageous in certain ways.

SEO as a product encompasses several different aspects including your site’s architecture, what your webpages offer, content types, ecommerce offerings, etc. A product led approach focuses on building out these features first and then figuring out, or creating, the content later. 

In a product led SEO approach, these features are customized to appeal to consumer search intent and queries. Understanding consumer intent and figuring out why people might rent a car from one business but not another is key to understanding your product and how to best drive traffic to your offerings. Acquiring SEO traffic through this approach requires more than covering generic keywords.

Taking a step back to identify the big picture view of what is different about your business from competitors is integral to identifying niche keywords and connecting the dots between revealing insights in your data.