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Podcast Content as an SEO Strategy – Erin Sparks //


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro speaks with’s President Erin Sparks about how to best use podcast content in SEO strategies. Sparks shares his expertise on starting in podcasts in 2011 and the expertise he’s developed along the way.

Sparks created his podcast to educate his clients on complex technological terms and concepts that they could share among colleagues. The podcast’s focus on interviewing digital marketing experts from around the world about timely topics helped the podcast grow exponentially. Interviewing experts also served as an R&D opportunity for the team, keeping them updated on the latest trends and cutting edge processes in digital marketing.

Sparks’ podcast grew its audience further by optimizing the content with rich keywords. Optimizing the RSS and including links in the show notes and episode summary provided additional SEO support. One of the most important elements to getting your podcast found is to select the right category that fits your podcast topic accordingly.