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Optimizing Content Directories – Kevin Indig // G2


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he speaks with G2’s VP of SEO and Content Kevin Indig about how to best optimize a content directory. Together they use Ben’s MarTech directory as a case study to examine optimization best practices.

Content directories are most useful when they offer dynamic experiences and extensive information competitors don’t own yet. A hybrid Glassdoor and Linkedin model is a hypothetical example of how Google would prioritize a new directory website with excellent structure and new, useful information. Providing a preview of your content while keeping the rest of your content gated is a great way to give people an idea of what your site offers. They’ll be more likely to sign up, which helps build an email list.

SEO optimization for a directory includes three steps. One is determining what people are actually searching for and performing the keyword research to get searchers on page. Next is determining how to provide value that creates an excellent user experience. The final step is identifying how to best monetize your endeavors.

Using SEO analytics tools like Searchmetrics on competing directories like Crunchbase is an excellent method to see what keywords are working for them. You can identify an angle or pattern that would work best for your site and also differentiate yourself from competitors.