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October Winners & Losers – Tyson Stockton // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he speaks with Searchmetrics’ VP of Services Tyson Stockton discussing October 2020’s SEO winners and losers. Together they discuss who’s ending the year strong visibility wise, election SEO facts and review some surprising upsets.

YouTube started 2020 off strong, surpassing Wikipedia as the most visible website and maintained that title until October. The video platform saw steady declines throughout October, dropping from 45 million points of visibility to 39 million. The increased focus on Google’s antitrust cases may be responsible for the drop, resulting in Wikipedia reclaiming its top spot while YouTube’s visibility dropped to the levels it started 2020 on.

October also marked a huge month in SEO for politics. Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s website experienced an uptick in visibility at the beginning of the month, while Trump trailed most of the month until his numbers began rising a full week before election day. Oddly, Kanye West launched an election website for his short-lived candidacy in September and his numbers quickly surpassed President Trump’s website visitor numbers. West’s robust merchandise section of election themed branding is credited for the huge draw in visitors.

As the 2020 holiday season approaches, Amazon continues its reign over ecommerce. Google is aiming to compete in ecommerce queries with more free listings in SERPs and new schema markups for shipping. Amazon is expected to maintain its No. 1 spot, but a battle is brewing for the No. 2 spot between Walmart and Ebay. Walmart’s numbers have slowly slipped over time while Ebay’s are quickly increasing. Regardless of the results, Ebay is expected to end Q4 on a high note.