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Noteworthy Search Marketing News Edition 3

Week of July 1, 2013  noteworthy search marketing news edition 3:

Mobile: A New Element For The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Noteworthy Search Marketing News Edition 3

Mobile is an important element that has now been added to the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors. With Google officially announcing that sites with bad mobile SEO will not rank as well as others, businesses that do not pay attention to this will be impacted the most. Mobile search is no longer becoming increasingly important. It is important. In this article Danny Sullivan discusses the impact and gives suggestions businesses can make.


Augmented Reality & SEO: Search in an Annotated World
Argumented reality? With new products in development and beginning to enter the market like Google Glasses, optimizing content and creating strategies that meet the argumentative reality can and will most likely make all the difference for businesses in the near future. And SEO plays a big role in that! This article helps you to understand why local optimization, image optimization and local content is essential.

Microsoft is emerging as the social search leader and Google should be worried

Although Microsoft’s search engine Bing, may not be anywhere near Google, their new focus around social search could place them back in the game. Partnerships helping to extend existing paid search with Facebook and Twitter are providing Microsoft with an edge. Even though Google has Google+, the relationships Microsoft has created, is allowing them the opportunity to become the leader in social search – it’s still early, but they could come out ahead of Google.

10 Things You Should Not Ignore In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Some companies are already ahead of the curve, making digital marketing a priority. Others however are only just beginning. Many companies do not realize the power digital marketing can have on their business. Many companies spend a small fraction of their budgets on digital and spend big on other areas that may not have the same impact or potential. Check out these 10 things you can’t ignore for your digital marketing strategy.

Is The Art Of Paid Search Marketing Dead?
Digital marketing and strategy consultant, Vic Drabicky provides his thoughts on the how the art of paid search might just be dead. Vic makes two cases, one for science and one for art. Using the same key points he explains how each impacts, keywords, creative, forecasting, campaign management and so on. “And this is just the beginning. If there is an ability to perform any action in paid search, there is a tool to automate it and make it as efficient as possible….Search may be made for brainiacs, but without some artistic love, all the campaigns will end up being cold, boring search listings that feel more like engineering manuals than advertising.” Find out the conclusion that Vic came to in determining whether or not the art of paid search marketing is dead.

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