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Measuring Influencers’ Impact on SEO – Joe Sinkwitz // Intellifluence


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro continues Influencer SEO Week with Intellifluence CEO Joe Sinkwitz discussing how to measure influencer impact on SEO performance. Together they examine how the expectations and strategies you set during influencer onboarding can pay off.

Ranking numbers and achieved KPIs are the most common measurements in SEO but it’s important to consider measuring and analyzing all the variables in data. Variables to examine include:

  • Buyer personas
  • Persona categories
  • Influencer-targeted personas
  • Networks
  • Socio-demographics

Analyzing a diverse set of variables in a campaign post-mortem session provides a complete picture and a better ability to connect the dots between them in your campaign. Analysis can reveal why certain keywords performed well that you didn’t initially target, and can help you redirect focus and tweak variables to improve the areas you initially targeted.

The more data points you can speak to make you better equipped to speak to your CEO about the changes you need to implement in the next campaign. Data can also reveal how to best craft a targeted message or pitch to an influencer who you’d like to review your product or brand.