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Marketing for the New Golden Era for Content – Steve Pockross & Paul Zalewski // Verblio


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he speaks with Verblio CEO Steve Pockross and VP of Marketing Paul Zalewski about how content marketing is reaching its golden era. Paul and Steve share their experiences from this year and how content became a saving grace for companies in 2020.

Content marketing’s importance rose steadily since 2010, and consumers have become more savvy as they’ve adjusted to the digital landscape. Traditional marketing models no longer work as successfully as they once did with consumers, whereas content marketing provides both value and business to consumers. 

Mirroring content efforts to your marketing funnel greater enables multiple teams to meet different objectives. A lot of time can be spent generating constant awareness at the top of the funnel, while also enabling sales teams with case studies to drive customers through the bottom of the funnel. Content marketing is also well suited for multi-channel efforts.

Blog posts are the most useful for content marketing as they satisfy user information inquiries, increase brand awareness and also drive sales. Podcasts and LinkedIn promotion and social posts were also important to driving SEO results throughout 2020.