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Managing Your Brand’s Reputation – Chris Yoko // Yoko Consulting


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro speaks with Yoko Co CEO Chris Yoko about building and successfully managing your brand’s reputation. Together they discuss how to leverage your web presence that applies accountability to the brand reputation management process.

A large component of expanding a brand’s reputation that stands for more than profit is fostering a reputation of social good. Content is key in this process, and identifying the audience for your brand and the terms that push for change is a vital first step in creating domain authority for your brand. Brand’s like Patagonia’s phone-to-action platform that connects people with their local representative showed a firm commitment to causes that their eco-conscious, apparel seeking audience resonated with.

For businesses looking to start building their brand it’s important to consider their organization’s hierarchy of needs before focusing efforts on building reputation around a social cause. Patagonia is successful in their social mission because they chose to focus on the business side first. They identified and connected their audience with active and outdoor apparel that is eco-friendly and later incorporated social causes as part of their brand and content strategy. This helped establish their core business model and were able to grow later through social reputation management.

Reviews play a large role in social reputation management and content strategy. A strong social responsibility combined with a user-friendly experience motivates users to leave positive reviews, which validates and increases a brand’s authority. Positive reviews are a Google ranking factor, and they highly prioritize brands that hold trust and authority among their users.