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Managing Agency Relations During Times of Change – Glenn Welham // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues Agency Week with Searchmetrics’ Senior Account Executive Glenn Welham to discuss how to best manage agency relationships during times of change. 

One effective method to improve agency communication is to have someone who’s working on your brand work on site with your team. Strategy roadmaps are more clear and it’s easier to communicate day-to-day instead of worrying about scheduling meetings across regions or timezones.

It’s not always possible to have someone from your agency onsite. Despite advances in technology it’s still hard to communicate through a screen. That’s why organizing your agency partnership as it begins is such a crucial period. The more clear you can communicate your strategies, needs and benchmarks you need to achieve at the beginning, the less likely you’ll have to repeat and revise them in the future.

Bringing other teams from within your company or the agency for second opinions can help reveal roadmap issues you may have overlooked too. The key to successfully manage your agency partnership is regularly communicating and consulting the expertise of others to help keep your roadmap on track.