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Leading SEO in a Regulated Industry – Sebastian Edgar // Square


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro speaks with Square’s SEO Lead Sebastian Edgar about his experiences working with legal and privacy restrictions with SEO in the finance sector. Sebastian focuses mainly on content optimization and what can and can’t be stated in content.

A key method to creating SEO content that adheres to company legal and privacy restrictions is to determine user intent and classify page types. Content types like blogs are best suited for informational content whereas product pages best suit navigational content. Once a page is clarified and defined, the next step is to classify your content topic(s). Within the finance and payments industry no piece of content is a 100 percent transactional, navigational, etc. Finding a ratio that best addresses user intent is key to establishing the piece of content’s type.

One of the biggest challenges of working with SEO in a heavily regulated industry is acquiring third party data. Excellent external tools exist that perform in-depth data analysis, yet internal regulations often block SEOs from utilizing them. The best way Sebastian works around these issues is performing content optimization to improve content score, better understand topic coverage and create unique processes.