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Knowledge Panels – Jason Barnard // Kalicube


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his conversation with Kalicube founder and author Jason Barnard to discuss another SERP feature – Knowledge panels. Together they talk about what they are and the best methods to get your brand featured in one.

The knowledge panel collects information from across the web on entities and displays it in an information box on Google. The panel’s results are distinctive from other engine properties as it’s information Google’s algorithm considers factual. Getting listed in the knowledge panel requires owning and maintaining your online presence apart from your website and social channels.

Google acquires information from directories and sites that provide a plethora of information about an entity or brand. Sites like Crunchbase that provide information about a company’s funding history, employee directory and technology metrics are the prime data sources Google’s algorithm pulls information from.

Google also considers brand reputation when listing a brand in the knowledge panel. Features in news stories from publications like Bloomberg are weighed by Google when considering what brand to list for a particular query. Google’s algorithm is smart enough to determine when a company submits information about itself on sites like Wikis, and doesn’t consider those sites trustworthy sources of information.