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Introducing the Searchmetrics Suite – Chapter 1: Quick Analysis

Welcome to the first chapter of “Introducing the Searchmetrics Suite” series where we will be showcasing one of the Suite’s main features every week.

This week, we will be talking about the “Quick Analysis” feature.

What is it?

The “Quick Analysis” feature within the Searchmetrics Suite search analytics software provides instant access to weekly data of a Website’s search engine visibility. Users can analyse their own organic and paid search performance internationally against that of their competitors and track it over time.

Its aim is to help SEO agencies, marketers and site owners access an immediate overview of a Website’s search engine visibility including traffic variations, search engine results page (SERP) spreading for both organic and paid results, as well as images, video, maps, news and shopping results. These can be tracked over time, giving marketers critical long-term performance data on where to focus their keyword efforts.

A typical user case

An SEO consultant from a search agency receives a call from the online marketing director of a leading brand who asks about using the agency’s services to assist with its global SEO campaigns. The agency is a Searchmetrics Suite user and, thanks to the Quick Analysis feature, the consultant can instantly report on the brand’s search engine visibility, its development over time, its keyword performance, how its main competitors are faring and spot opportunities for improvements across its US, UK and German domains. This can all be done over the phone – in real time.

Here’s a video demo of it:

See you next week!

Alexander Lunt