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Google Pirate Update Analysis and Loser List

With the Google Pirate Update sites that infringe copyrights were banned from the index

Google announced that the Pirate Update 2 was rolled out this week. After many criticisms that Google is not doing enough against Piracy it updated its filter to help stem piracy. It works similar like Panda or Penguin. Based on a huge set of queries and the data Google had from the first Pirate update, which was released about 2 years ago Google is looking for copyright infringements. Any site where Google finds a violation or was filed through Google’s DMCA system will receive a huge drop in rankings or will be even removed from search engine result pages (see screenshot).

movie4k_to - Google Search

In our data that I analyzed I found that almost all sites where I think they had a drop because of the Pirate Update the drop was enormous. Some sites received a loss in SEO Visibility to 98%. I don’t know how many false positives are amongst these pages, so the loser list is just an observation of sites that lost.

Normally I conduct a longer analysis and explain the patterns why sites lost or won, this time I make an exception. There is not so much to say about the losers. Amongst the loser sites are sites that had links and/or content to movie, TV and music content. Sites like which lost 98% of SEO Visibility have typical loser keywords like “download free movies”, “watch [movie name] online free”, “online free movies”, “movies download”, “watch [movie name]”, “where can I watch [movie name] online” etc.

movie4k_to loser keywords - Searchmetrics


The top 30 loser list

It’s based on our SEO Visibility and sorted by biggest net loss. You can click each loser and continue the analysis in our Searchmetrics Suite.

Domain SEO Vis 10/19 SEO Vis 10/26 net loss in percent
156,352 5,677 -150,675 -96.37
107,017 2,599 -104,418 -97.57
109,791 14,588 -95,203 -86.71
84,415 7,890 -76,525 -90.65
72,013 24,400 -47,613 -66.12
43,544 5,814 -37,730 -86.65
68,630 31,007 -37,623 -54.82
60,177 31,597 -28,580 -47.49
40,243 12,731 -27,512 -68.36
31,697 6,206 -25,491 -80.42
24,273 787 -23,486 -96.76
23,584 2,010 -21,574 -91.48
20,631 440 -20,191 -97.87
20,090 704 -19,386 -96.50
36,400 19,200 -17,200 -47.25
17,576 2,083 -15,493 -88.15
14,717 487 -14,230 -96.69
12,484 587 -11,897 -95.30
34,724 23,009 -11,715 -33.74
15,028 4,126 -10,902 -72.54
11,055 1,523 -9,532 -86.22
10,402 1,044 -9,358 -89.96
17,977 9,050 -8,927 -49.66
27,292 18,631 -8,661 -31.73
8,559 578 -7,981 -93.25
7,419 1,430 -5989 -80.73
7,569 2,189 -5380 -71.08
2,081 267 -1814 -87.17
1,844 250 -1594 -86.44
1,515 464 -1051 -69.37

Here you see the SEO Visibility chart for 3 loser domains in the Google Pirate Update. The pattern is simple, all have a huge drop and share similar keywords or keywords with the same intention.

Example Pirate Update loser movie4k_to Searchmetrics

Example Pirate Update loser free-tv-video-online_me Searchmetrics

Example Pirate Update loser Searchmetrics


Marcus Tober

Marcus Tober

My name is Marcus Tober and I’m the founder of Searchmetrics. Because we really love to analyze all kinds of online data, we can give you more insights than any other company in SEO, SEM and Social Media. It’s not a job, it’s passion.

61 thoughts on “Google Pirate Update Analysis and Loser List

  • Im shocked that is on the list. I thought they are strong enough to carry such an update.

  • I have also lost one of my clients all keywords rankings which was on first and second page. So please let me tell in brief which is the main reason to lost my all keyword rankings and how can I get back all these on top?

  • This was one of the most important updates required in Google search algorithm against the plagiarist sites & site owners. However, as I see through my research, the sites that are in my list of plagiarists are still enjoying the top ranks. Pirate Update 2 after a gap of 2 yrs sounds good but I wish it could be enhanced and improved to eliminate the wrong-doers 100% search results.

  • Oh Bad day of these top sites but do hard work for recovery and carry on !

  • I think good step by Google alog making team, It’s help to prevent website plagiarism to got high position in SERPs , I agree with vinay puri most of sites still on top , I wanna know reason behind this or anything else they adopt ? coz of this they able to stain high positions in serps ?.

  • Excellent . This is what I wanted . Content strategy adds to value to users is the best .
    I believe ” Content is King ” .
    Thanks Marcus

  • I am also shocked after know that my site also hit by this update. Please suggest me how i improve my site ranking again.

  • Really impressive. Google is becoming best non spam search engine with these updates.

  • Nice blog post …Thanks for sharing new update of google algorithm it really help me to understand the new algorithmic version..

  • My site is also hit by this update. I think this is issue of some duplicate content. But know you suggest me how i recover my ranking..

  • I’ve been waiting for months to update

  • I think it was nice , no to plagiarism

  • özlem sözleri 2014/12/06 at 4:12 pm

    google update has started, and when the news Does this update is for how long? What is the name of Google’s new update outside penguin

  • Nice information and good decision of google

  • This is quite helpful for me as well as many seo who is keen to know the reason behind the drop of ranking in huge amount. Thank you very much

  • very effective update by Google,,,,all copy site are down in Google Search…How to solve this problem….

  • If you ever get hit, just fix the issues which you are getting and you will soon be again in search results.

  • Search Engines should be a free source for everything, if some multi million dollar companies are bragging about why their latest files are getting on torrents, and then they complain google needs to take action i really think that is moving towards freedom of search engines. Someone sold an album for millions and now some get the file for free so what? – this does not make sense. In Today’s life everything go so easy that people hardly search for free MP3, its so easy to get it on Amazon or somewhere else, but still sometimes you find some old archives in these shared websites which you could not even find on itunes or somewhere else.

  • #This was one of the most important updates required in Google search algorithm against the plagiarist sites & site owners. However, as I see through my research, the sites that are in my list of plagiarists are still enjoying the top ranks. Pirate Update 2 after a gap of 2 yrs sounds good but I wish it could be enhanced and improved to eliminate the wrong-doers 100% search results.

  • Don’t work on project leave its 1 month it will automatic recover but fresh your content and delete old duplicate article..

  • Saeed, They all are the pirated Companies which provides the Pirated Movies online.

    Why you feel so much about them.

  • i not believe zippyshare loss. . .

  • This is great! It would help me a lot. Thank you for sharing!

  • Not so influence on their traffic, I think these sites are not more depended on Search engine, people directly approach them because of their strong database.

  • Can you pls explain the strategy of improve the sites page rank again.

  • Whops! i dindn’t knew about that update, really useful, its not so known as panda or penguin, thanks!

  • The problem I have with this (although I am happy to see google go after pirated content) is it could hit legit sites that maybe use movie previews etc. Google doesn’t like affiliate/reseller sites unless, of course it is through their own network, but there are a lot of affiliate marketing sites that do things on the up and up. I do affiliate marketing and I have benefited from each and every update over the last few years, but I use a lot of keywords that could show up flagged but I am using all authorized reseller content. So far, I have been safe so this isn’t so much a complaint, but just something to keep an eye on.

  • Google have taken comfort of webmaster and send them all into hell. Google making webmaster beg. SEO is almost killed. How can someone rank his sites if every time Google will bring such dictating terms.

  • Talking Head Studio 2015/01/20 at 7:30 pm

    Interesting…we are a video production company and we saw a very small, but consistent decrease in search traffic after this update. Do you think it could be because we are closely associated with the “video production” keyword? We produce original corporate video projects for our clients so a lot of our blog posts focus on online video, but we do not have any stolen copyrighted content on our site. Maybe Google cast too wide of a net on this one?

  • Licea Formación 2015/01/22 at 1:19 pm

    Muy interesante.

  • Very important update to control over the plagiarism, there are still cases where the plagiarist is positioned before you in the SERPs because they have more domain authority.

  • Wow am just seeing this information now. Really nice for Google

  • Google has improved its algorithms a lot and even now, many webmasters are unaware of Google’s secret algorithms. But this is a good thing for fighting against piracy and all that kind of stuff. I have seen some of the people losing their traffic because of extreme spamming, too.

  • I am still losing my ranking.

  • This is what I like the most about Google. Someone who works hard should be rewarded. Not the one who just make some spam post and get a huge benefit.

  • Hi Hajj Packages, if you are losing ranking maybe u need to check your linkprofile with some tool (ahref ,majestic) and remove some paid links or suspicious (footers, sidebars..). This update is very similar to Penguin

  • I can your effort and passion behind your work so as its giving such in depth analysis and results. But these website owner would have felt hurt coz of this action of yours 🙁

  • Antonio Gonzalez 2015/05/11 at 2:41 pm

    It is a very interesting analysis. A few months ago I had a case of a client hit by this Google penalty.

    The problem was solved by removing the words: watch, online, streaming and its variants from the web.

    He is now recovering from this penalty .

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