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Google Panda USA Update 2.5

For a short while Google moved its Panda Focus onto the rest of the world and away from the USA. But now it’s gone back to where it all started. And it seems like rather a big update – cause we’ve found some quite some surprising changes in the new Google Panda 2.5 update.

Here are the biggest losers:

Domain SEO Visibility SEO Visibility Lost Lost in %
25.09.2011 02.10.2011
100.513 -347.073 -78%
213.059 -339.866 -61%
11.379 -151.380 -93%
48.346 -149.590 -76%
54.262 -119.334 -69%
22.637 -108.233 -83%
19.202 -105.416 -85%
65.490 -90.032 -58%
42.661 -81.046 -66%
24.146 -74.702 -76%
15.441 -74.413 -83%
75.429 -73.446 -49%
33.595 -67.583 -67%
49.174 -62.413 -56%
25.460 -54.706 -68%
113.390 -50.000 -31%
25.129 -47.177 -65%
18.747 -42.811 -70%
45.118 -41.930 -48%
15.190 -40.452 -73%
26.278 -35.949 -58%
18.010 -34.005 -65%
20.504 -33.803 -62%
27.675 -32.353 -54%
50.694 -29.896 -37%
13.468 -29.309 -69%
7.242 -28.998 -80%
6.047 -21.834 -78%
1.530 -21.318 -93%
8.358 -20.145 -7


Take a look for yourself

Thanks to our new Searchmetrics Essentials tool, you can get even more interesting information: by clicking on any of the domains in the list, anyone (even those without a Searchmetrics account) can see all the important SEO KPIs, including the historical view of the SEO visibility of the domain. And if you subscribe for a free trial account (without the need to enter a credit card) you can see even more data.

Some of the sites above have been hit for the first time by a Panda update, while we o found some domains that have already been punished by Panda, got back some visibility and then have dropped again now with this new update 2.5. Next to some (, drops, it looks like there is a pretty obvious pattern behind the update:

These are pages that got hit by Panda 1, got back some of their visibility with Panda 2.3 and lost this week again with Panda 2.5:

The reasoning behind these interesting changes isopen for discussion. Was Google unhappy with the Panda 2.3 changes? Or is there some “Kickout of Panda Trial” element ie pages that don’t make the expected changes required by Google drop again, just a little later?

These are the winners of the Panda 2.5 update:

Domain SEO Visibility SEO Visibility Win Win in %
25.09.2011 02.10.2011
5.787.520 529.195 10%
924.621 186.591 25%
711.785 124.830 21%
1.320.032 101.407 8%
417.576 92.968 29%
329.781 80.828 32%
861.373 77.417 10%
643.087 70.262 12%
761.589 69.482 10%
1.027.422 69.066 7%
835.620 67.689 9%
631.089 66.371 12%
262.246 64.090 32%
708.610 61.912 10%

This is a very interesting Panda Update and one of the biggest learnings this time is probably, that getting back your visibility from a previous Panda update, does not necessarily mean that you are Panda-secure.

And of course learning from the experience of sites like (that belonged to one of the biggest losers from Panda Update 1), which are now gaining visibility, they actually have more than they had before the first Panda update 🙂

What is your opinion on the new Panda 2.5 update?

Marcus Tober

Marcus Tober

My name is Marcus Tober and I’m the founder of Searchmetrics. Because we really love to analyze all kinds of online data, we can give you more insights than any other company in SEO, SEM and Social Media. It’s not a job, it’s passion.

26 thoughts on “Google Panda USA Update 2.5

  • Panda 2.5 seems to have hit blogs hard as well.

    Several blogs I follow (as well as my own), with articles that were doing very well in Google SERP (top 10) before Panda 2.5 have disappeared completely from results. Some of the articles contained useful information, e.g. Trojan removal guidelines that work.

    Yet POACHED content from these articles gets high placement! Several of my own articles have been heavily poached and re-posted verbatim on other sites – with external links in place. Can Google no longer detect which was the original content?

    Possibly Google decided that a recent spate of heavy ‘Kindle’ splogging (spam blogs) was just cause to downgrade all blogs?

  • As I’ve said in other places, G went from a company that was run by creative engineers and techno geeks to a company run by lawyers and accountants. This was done to maximize profitability at the expense of everything else. And, this is never good.

    (By the way, don’t confuse Google’s executive board with people who are making day-to-day decisions. Large tech companies are run by the next level of management, like it or not. And, I would suggest that the executive leadership team do something about their “team” before they end up in front of congressional committees.)

    Lawyers and accountants are not trained to make global decisions or be creative or understand customers. They are not entrepreneurs. I’ve been in a variety of large corporate environments for over 20 years. When the lawyers and bean counters take over, it’s a long painful downward ride. The end user is not aware of the internal trouble, but notices the deterioration of the product.

    If my experience is worth anything, I’d bet employee morale is lower than ever at the Big G. People are calculating their stock options and wondering if they should cash and run, or sit for a while. It won’t be long before the most talented employees start leaving, if it hasn’t happened already. You can definitely expect a brain drain though, and every important decision will then be in the hands of people who are great at counting and arguing, but terrible at leadership and running a business.

  • Panda Update 1 was a shocker to me as I majorly used to write on HubPages. My traffic went to an all time low. But the way they have risen up and emerged as a winner by the consistent efforts of the HubPages Team is commendable. The sub domain switch really worked wonders in helping the site to recover and re establish it’s past glory.

  • On my website ( I’ve lost a lot of visitors coming from Google. The problem is everybody uses Google when searching on the web. Maybe if people starts to use another search engine, things will change…

  • I love what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and exposure! Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve you guys to our blogroll.

  • Google like any company wants to make money .

  • Hi,
    For those that think this is some evil-Google effort to benefit itself and big media, I think that’s off-base. They really are trying to get people the best results, but some types of content win and others lose out in the process.

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