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Finding the Right Writers for Your Content Production Efforts – Phillip Thune // Textbroker


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his conversation with Textbroker CEO Phillip Thune to discuss how to find the best freelance writers in your content outsourcing efforts. Together they review the dynamics of sourcing talented writers and how to clearly convey your organization’s needs.

Before you even approach a writer for a project a clear, thorough project outline is needed. This ensures the writer is equipped with the necessary resources to complete your project and that they’re in line with your goals. Providing examples of content you like and don’t like is an efficient way to present the tone you want your writer to adopt. 

Finding the right amount of writers to hire for your team depends on the size of your business, budget and the amount of resources you have. Ideally hiring up to five writers is a good number to start with as you can quickly scale up content production without over-extending your budget. Five writers producing two pieces of content a week, quickly adds up to 40 content pieces a month.

Hiring a small, but talented team that aligns with your project outline ensures you can quickly produce content without losing speed in case one gets sick or resigns.