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Core Web Vitals Week Pt. 3 – Kathy Brown and Karl Kleinschmidt // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Ben continues Core Web Vitals week with Searchmetrics’ Senior SEO Strategist Kathy Brown and Senior SEO Strategist Karl Kleinschmidt to talk about the second Core Web Vital, FID (First Input Delay). They discuss how this metric is measured and how to go about making changes once you have diagnosed it.

FID is the measurement of time from when a visitor first interacts with the web page. This is the first time a click or tap when the browser starts responding to your action. Although FID can be difficult to diagnose, it is an incredibly powerful field metric.

This metric cannot be simulated in a lab and needs user interaction in order to be measured – field data. In order to fix your FID score you need to work with developers to break up the script into smaller pieces. But once it is monitored and has been optimized, it can start benefiting your website’s rankings.