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Changes to Online Education in the COVID Era – Adam Arnold // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he speaks with Searchmetrics’ Enterprise Account Executive Adam Arnold to talk about the rapid changes to online education in the era of COVID. Together they discuss how the pandemic impacted the digital learning landscape and where learning is headed in the future.

Universities are facing budget cuts due to lower student enrollment figures and financial hardships that closing parts of the economy caused. Although most universities offer online courses, they were caught unprepared for the massive shift to online learning. Continuing education, whether it’s pursuing graduate degrees or self-directed online learning, is trending as people seek to diversify their skillsets.

Administrative queries like, “How do I transfer schools?” And, “What are the application fees?” Are becoming more prominent. As the competitive landscape for enrollment applications intensify, universities should prioritize website consistency to stay competitive. Google will prioritize universities with optimized websites, where degree program pages and other content are neatly organized.

Now is the perfect time for universities to expand enrollment to students in other states. In order to boost enrollment numbers, they need to assure students will receive a quality education from online programs. 

Universities can accomplish this by creating SEO optimized pages that clearly provide information on what distance learning is like and what resources are provided to facilitate distance learning.