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Big Data for Big Enterprise – a series from Searchmetrics

Big Data for Big Enterprise - a series from Searchmetrics

We live big data: The over 90 employees at Searchmetrics work with large quantities of data going to and from 123 different countries every day. We monitor not only Google but also Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Seznam, etc. And we’ve been doing it for a long time: Not just since last year, but as part of our very long-standing history.Moreover, we’ve never been satisfied with the tip of the iceberg. We’ve always looked deeper into the long tail than anyone else. We regularly collect billions of data with our own back link crawler and our analysis of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You might also say: Our (well secured) servers contain the big data basis for all inbound marketing.

Big Data for Big Enterprise

So logically, the largest and fastest companies have secured direct access to this data with the Searchmetrics Suite. These companies include Lufthansa, eBay, Siemens, Otto, T-Mobile, GM, Expedia and many others. All our clients reach deep down into our big data pot and use it for their strategic and concrete marketing decisions. Our data help to make the daily decision as to whether a URL should be better internally linked or when allocating a social media budget.

Big Data for Big Enterprise: Organic Competitors

No fears about big data: The competitor chart shows that the New York Times can find its competition at Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia.

We not only have big data, we also know what our clients like about it and the best way to leverage it to reach their goals. It’s time to think about how big data can advance modern enterprise SEO.

Series: How top companies handle big data in SEO

And since big data can’t be condensed into a single article, I’ll be describing the seven essential topics concerning big data over the next few weeks:

  1. Promoting productivity: managing international teams and agencies. Large quantities of data require a very fine allocation of rights. For reasons of data protection on the one hand, but also for quality reasons: If everyone can do whatever he or she wants to, you end up not really knowing what’s inside the big data pot. The Suite allows you to perform these tasks in a simple and user-friendly way thanks to the allocation of rights.
  2. Quick overview: managing different campaigns in a structured way. Large companies always pursue multiple goals at one time. These goals can be pursued individually using the features of the Searchmetrics Suite, such as tagging and multi-tagging. But the Suite also lets you adapt and automate every report and every chart.
  3. Observing competition: learning from your competitors. Competition is sometimes the biggest surprise in online marketing. Our offline competitors are potentially only marginal online competitors, whereas our offline partners are actually our toughest competitors. We provide just the right environment in numerous data pools.
  4. Pick the cherries: tapping into hidden potential. It’s not always worthwhile to work on the keywords with the largest number of searches. Competition, universal search and existing ranks also play an important part.
  5. Improving performance: technical optimization. Sometimes even the best SEO gets muddled up when dealing with a large page. We crawl every page and report error pages and optimization potential for keywords.
  6. Return on investment: paying attention to the conversion. Ultimately, it’s about the money. Is a PPC campaign worth it or would the budget be better allocated to SEO optimization. What’s more worthwhile? We supply figures to help you make this decision.
  7. Optimizing processes: saving time and money. One employee on the team needs a daily report, another one a monthly summary. Our reports are highly flexible, relevant and can be generated with just a few clicks.

So you see: There’s a lot to be done. Big data isn’t just marketing hype or a simple glance into a crystal ball filled with data. Big data is a necessary and effective way of working that is simply part of enterprise SEO and has to be learned. We help you with it. Stay tuned!

On our website you can find a form with which you can already pre-order the Big data white paper.