Searchmetrics is giving away a ticket for the SEOktoberfest 2011!

August 29th, 2011 | Events 5 comments

Many of you have only heard the rumor of SEOktoberfest in Munich. Currently only 36  individuals hold tickets to one of the world’s most exciting SEO events in Munich during the Oktoberfest.

It’s the fourth time Marcus Tandler, aka Mediadonis, is hosting SEOKtoberfest, starting on September 20th,  2011. Tickets are rare and go for € 5,000.  Most are sold to last year’s attendees and only very few lucky new people get to attend this exclusive event each year. It’s no surprise that the few open market tickets sell out in seconds given that it’s unlikely to find such a concentration of SEO competence at one place anywhere else.

For each SEOktoberfest, Marcus “Mediadonis” Tandler bands together the most unique group of experts worldwide. The result is a time to share deep insights that will never be available to the public and  72 hours filled with knowledge and entertainment on the “Wiesn”.  Sleeping is not on the agenda. 😉

Here is the deal:

Searchmetrics is giving away a full ticket for the SEOktoberfest. No joke! We will give it to the one who convinces us most that he (or she) would truly bring expertise to the event.

Convince us that you are passionate about SEO! Draw a painting, make a video, sing a song or make a SEO analysis which astonishes us. It’s all about creativity, as long as the topic is SEO. You can participate by providing a link to your contribution via Twitter, Facebook or our blog. We will select the winner of the sought-after ticket for the SEOktoberfest next week.

Second and third place will get another nice goodie: Access to our new Searchmetrics software which we will present soon – come and see us at SMX East 2011 at Booth 326!

The deadline for submission is Monday, September 5th, 6:00 p.m. EST – then we will make our choice. Don’t forget: please link to your contribution in a blog comment so we can find your creative idea.

Good luck and have fun!

P.S.: Who’s writing this stuff? My name is Matthias Bachor and i am leading the Searchmetrics Marketing team. You can contact me via, Google+ or reply with a comment.
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Comments (5)

Comments (5)

  1. 2011/08/29

    Recently emptied a few glasses of wine with a Google SQE Team Member (directly reporting once a week to Matt). The insight I remember were quite useful so far 😉


  2. 2011/09/01

    A video is coming … wait and see 🙂

  3. 2011/09/04

    Seeing as my entry is in English I’ve added it here too.

    It’s a quick video about why I should be there and a song that I wrote, it’s “all about the links”. I hope you like it !


  4. 2011/09/05

    SEO is like weightlifting. You have to start small and practice often.
    You (as a webmaster or SEO expert) are the weightlifter. Your task is to get the site as high as possible in the search engines. (compare this to getting the bar with weights as high as possible).

    As you are busy with it you will notice that the competition increases (you increase the weight on the bar with the weights).
    You will notice it is heavy to get the site high in the search engines (you have trouble getting the bar up). However, if you are busy enough working with SEO (you exercise) you will get your site up.

    Getting higher becomes easier, despite the competition (the amount of weights on the bar).
    It is important to regularly post good content on the website (you work on your condition), otherwise you are not able to withstand the pressure of your competitors (the weights) and you go down (you can’t get the weights that high up).

    So the key is to start, practice and keep working on it.

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