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2011 Shaping Up Well – Searchmetrics announces a new customer and a Series C Round of funding

With valuable additions to our suite of products and the opening of our US headquarters in New York last year, it’s been a busy few months here at Searchmetrics. Today, we formally announced our new customer Kroll Ontrack and that we have raised $6.75 million in new funding. You can see how we have quickly become a market leader in SEO Software and Search Analytics.

If you’ve worked with Searchmetrics before, you know that our technology works using a network of agents that discover which search terms relevant to a particular company or domain are driving the most traffic to it and its competitors on the web. Companies can then use this knowledge base to determine where they should be spending their budget on SEO in order to make their web pages more search engine friendly. With social media now playing a bigger role in SEO, in Q4 of 2010, we enhanced its social media performance module adding Facebook Response Tracking to enable online marketers to view a Facebook activity index that aggregates and tracks the amount of “comments, shares and likes” in Facebook for a specific domain.

The demand for our solutions is being seen on a global scale as more and more companies realize the importance of SEO and the need for integrated and automated tools. Kroll Ontrack, a leading provider of data recovery services, is one example. Kroll Ontrack turned to us to raise their visibility online so that consumers and businesses in the middle of a data disaster can search and find them even faster. Kroll Ontrack is already realizing big gains through the help of the Searchmetrics technology by raising the company’s highest priority keywords into the top 10 positions on leading search engines when people search for data loss or recovery solutions.  Early indications show that at least one or two of Kroll Ontrack’s top 10 keywords are in the number one position. This is good news both for Kroll Ontrack and their prospective customers as many organizations now are storing data in a virtual environment, making recovery more complex. Finding the right solution quickly via online searches can make a huge difference in how a company or individual is able to rebound from such a setback.

In addition to new customers, we are excited to announce that we have also raised 6.75 million in new funding to continue our global expansion. This Series C round of funding was led by Iris Capital with Holtzbrinck Digital and Neuhaus Partners participating. The total amount of funding raised for Searchmetrics to date is approximately $11million.

While it is a coincidence that we are announcing that we have now raised $11 million in funding as of 1/1/11, we also see it as a sign of what is shaping up to be a great year!