The Analytics of PubCon: SEO and What’s to Come

November 17th, 2010 | Events, General 1 comment

Pubcon-logo-smSearchmetrics’ first year sponsoring and attending PubCon Las Vegas surpassed our expectations in many ways – meeting new friends, tapping into extraordinary knowledge and gaining a new understanding of the road before us.

Between Google’s Matt Cutts and The New York Times’ David Pogue, there were dozens of stand-out sessions. For Searchmetrics, it wasn’t the sessions or the roulette that stood out, but the people that we met. If you could analyze and measure the value of relationships, the numbers would be off the chart for PubCon.

As a side note, Searchmetrics’ own Anca Carstea was very lucky at roulette and won her friends $1,500. Good thing we were in an analytics crowd, because once we worked out that she was typically one number off from the winning number, the risk was reduced and we started winning.Gambling

We all know that SEO is always a little bit of a gamble, but it was interesting to hear that many SEO professionals are still looking for an SEO tool that fulfills all of their campaign needs – keyword tracking, research, full backlink analysis, clear reporting and accurate data. While SEO is considered a mature industry, there are still many improvements that can be made to the average search campaign using fewer, more advanced tools. Winning can never be completely guaranteed with the search engines holding the cards, but we can certainly take less risk with better tools.

We are confident at Searchmetrics we have built a next-generation tool that not only reduces the risks of SEO, but that provides specific recommendations and unprecedented access to fresh data. While it’s fun to roll the dice every once and awhile, you want to control as much of your SEO business as possible. We are committed to stopping the madness of using dozens of tools to run great SEO campaigns and definitely looking forward to the next PubCon.


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Matt Cutts and Searchmetrics

Matt Cutts and Searchmetrics


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