conversionmedia is Searchmetrics’ newest Premium Partner

July 20th, 2010 | General No comments

conversionmedia is Searchmetrics’ newest Premium Partner to benefit from the combination of the Searchmetrics Suite software, experience and expertise provided by the Berlin group.
Reporting capabilities, high-level B2B focus, consideration of the latest search engine functions like Universal Search, automation possibilities, and offering SEO services in a variety of European countries and languages were only a few of the criteria central to the tool selection process.

“Using the Searchmetrics Suite, we can provide quicker and better services to our clients while improving our general response times. If an optimization measure fails to deliver the desired result then we can initiate immediate countermeasures”, remarked Dirk Preuten, CEO of conversionmedia. “The Searchmetrics Suite and the services derived from it are an ideal complement to our portfolio. We have the opportunity to present strategy decisions from the integrated viewpoint of conversionmedia. This can now be offered to our clients with a strengthened analytical foundation.”

Searchmetrics looks forward to collaborating with conversionmedia. “Above all, the professionalism and customer focus of conversionmedia fit the concept that we’re trying to build with our partnerships”, said Andreas Winter, Partner and Key Account Manager at Searchmetrics. “We look forward to working with and supporting conversionmedia with our expertise.”

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