Nionex and Searchmetrics to join forces

April 29th, 2010 | General, Partners No comments

The Searchmetrics Suite™ – software for professional search engine optimization – is now being deployed by Nionex.

Beginning in April, Nionex and Searchmetrics are working together in partnership. Nionex Interactive will employ the Searchmetrics Suite in providing their search engine optimization services. Searchmetrics continues to systematically expand partnerships with select organizations from a variety of fields. Nionex, as a full-service agent for individual IT solutions and online marketing, is an optimal strategic partner.

Thilo Heller, Sales Director for Central Europe at Searchmetrics GmbH said, “We place a high value on client focus and professionalism together with our partners and we are looking forward to working with Nionex and supporting them now and into the future with our expertise and the ongoing development of our SEO products and services.”

Nicola Rosengarten, Interactive Director and head of search engine optimization at Nionex said “To be able to offer professional search engine optimization we have to stay at the forefront of technological development. Searchmetrics’ software helps us to achieve this, by maintaining an overview of large-scale SEO projects and helping us to ensure the best results for our clients.”

Nionex was already in the position to advise leading companies in the area of search engine optimization and has brought firms like BFS Finance into top 10 Google search results. Through this partnership with Searchmetrics, Nionex seeks to further strengthen their efforts in the area of Search Engine Optimization.

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