A look at new Universal Search Data

March 26th, 2010 | General, Product Notes 1 comment

Searchmetrics turns its focus increasingly toward Universal Search Data. The following presents a series of data underlying this development.

Number of Universal Search associations per keyword

39% from our approx. 6 million analyzed keywords still have no Universal Search associations. 61% however, record results from other Google verticals.

Number of Universal Search associations

Number of Universal Search associations.

43% of Keywords report single associations, 16% had 2 associations and 2% featured 3 associations. 4, 5 or 6 different vertical associations rarely appear in search results.

Development of verticals in Universal Search Data

Videos are most prominently represented in the Universal Search, closely followed by images. Shopping results appear in 3rd place.

Distribution of verticals within Universal Search

Top Players in Universal Search

News and map results are the last major contributors. Blogs and books are for the most part rarely present.

Top Players in Universal Search

Video, map, shopping, blogs and image search results are all Google services and are accordingly controlled by them. Only news results include other third-party content in the first 9 results before Google.

Top Players in Universal Search

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