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Marcus Tober

marcus-toberMarcus Tober is the founder and CTO of Searchmetrics.

Tober studied computer science in Berlin, during which time he developed the well-known SEO platform in 2005. At the same time, he built the largest online greeting cards platform in Germany that attracted millions of visitors each month. His passion for SEO led Tober to sell Ecards and more GmbH in 2008-to the largest European company builder Rocket Internet-in order to focus on building out the Enterprise SEO platform Searchmetrics.

Today, Searchmetrics is the pioneer and leading global enterprise platform for search experience optimization. Searchmetrics mission is to deliver the knowledge and the platform to successfully increase companies organic traffic and revenue.

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Jordan Koene

jordan-koeneJordan Koene is Chief Evangelist for Searchmetrics. He leads the growth of the Professional Services group which provides customers ongoing and custom solutions for using Searchmetrics data.

Previously, Jordan was the Head of SEO and Content Development at eBay. During his time at eBay, Jordan focused on utilizing eBay content to improve user experience and natural search traffic. In this role, he lead development of millions of content improvements for the organization. Along with advancing eBay’s content, Jordan produced numerous well-covered viral stories using eBay data.

Prior to eBay, he worked at various e-commerce and tech start-ups. Jordan has grown and managed different Internet marketing teams and has a strong background in SEO and social media.

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Kevin Indig

kevin-indigAs an SEO Consultant on the Professional Services Team at Searchmetrics, Kevin Indig develops and executes strategies for clients with the key focus of growing their online visibility, traffic and revenue.

Prior to working at Searchmetrics, Kevin consulted with businesses globally on all aspects of SEO, including: strategy, infrastructure, On-Page, Off-Page and overlapping topics like CRO, SMO and SEA. His client portfolio ranges from Fortune 500 companies to SaaS industry start-ups. Kevin first started his career on the Webmaster team of the Swiss Bank BSI in Lugano. He has also previously worked for companies like Uniquedigital and The Reach Group.

Now based in California, Kevin studied in Cologne, Germany where he majored in business economics and speaks five languages including Italian and French.

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Daniel Furch

img007Daniel Furch is Head of Content Marketing at Searchmetrics.

Subsequent to his studies at Humboldt University of Berlin, he has worked as a project manager for a real estate start up. Daniel joined the company in 2010 leads a team of content marketers and designers and is responsible for research, data analyses, studies and content.

In his role at Searchmetrics, Daniel is concerned with both the strategic conception and the creation of content. He analyses search, content, social and PPC data to draw conclusions on market trends for content marketing purposes like studies, blog posts and white papers.

Furthermore, he contributes to the marketing team regarding PR, social media, press releases and internal/external communication.

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Liv Longley

liv-longleyLiv Longley is in charge of Marketing Communications in the United States for Searchmetrics.

Working closely with Searchmetrics global teams, she provides valuable knowledge into the U.S. market as the company grows and expands in North America.

You can connect with Liv on:

Twitter ( and
LinkedIn (

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Jan Grundmann

Jan GrundmannJan Grundmann is Content Marketing Manager at Searchmetrics and joined the company in February 2015. He writes studies and whitepapers on search- and content optimization. Furthermore, he blogs about new product features, Google Updates and analyzes fresh data from our Suite.

Before starting at Searchmetrics, Jan has been Editor-in-chief at the Leipzig-based news platform In addition to journalistic expertise, he is equipped with experience in SEO and Content Marketing.

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Tom Wells

Tom WellsTom is a Content Marketing Manager at Searchmetrics. Together with the Content Marketing team, Tom produces, edits and coordinates content for the English and German speaking markets. In addition, he also assists with PR and press coverage.

An honorary Berliner since 2008 and a self-confessed language nerd, Tom studied linguistics in Berlin and has previously worked in editorial roles at an economic non-profit and an airline.

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