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Marcus Tober

Marcus Tober - Founder and CTO at SearchmetricsMarcus Tober is one of the two CEOs of Searchmetrics GmbH in Berlin.

Being the strategic head behind Searchmetrics Suite and Searchmetrics Essentials, he is very passionate about the search analytics topic and constantly developing new elements for the Searchmetrics software.

After starting more than 7 years ago with Linkvendor, he is now running the most advanced toolset in the world for search and social analytics.

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Matthias Bachor - Director Marketing at Searchmetrics

Matthias Bachor

Matthias Bachor leads since June 2011 the international Marketing team at Searchmetrics. He has gathered online experiences in the last 10 years in various online campaigns and believes strongly in results tracking and measurement .

He is also a friend of mulit-channel campaigns, because SEO can always be only one part of a successfull online campaign.

You can contact Matthias Bachor via Mail (m.bachor<at> or via Google+.

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Eric Kubitz - Founder and CEO of CONTENTmanufaktur GmbH

Eric Kubitz

Eric Kubitz is founder and CEO of  CONTENTmanufaktur GmbH. The SEO focused agency located in Munich is know for their very focused and high quality content.

You can contact Eric Kubitz via mail ( or via Google Plus or Xing.

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David Harry - Sifu at the SEO Training Dojo and the president of Reliable SEO David Harry

David Harry is Sifu at the SEO Training Dojo and the president of Reliable SEO he works mostly in a consulting capacity to large corporate teams and agencies as well. He has been writing about the world of SEO (and information retrieval) since 2005 and also does podcasts and webinars on the topic.

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