Forecasting, Conversions and 5 Steps to Maximize Your Search ROI

July 3rd, 2013 | Events, General 2 comments

Our recent webcast on “Forecasting and Conversions with Big Data” plus our upcoming webcast on “5 Steps to Maximize Your Search ROI” give you the insights needed to see digital success!

Two weeks ago, Searchmetrics very own Paul Bongers (@BongersP) hosted a webcast on “Unlock the Keys to Forecasting and Conversions with Big Data” with the Digital Marketing Depot. The webcast focused on effectively managing vast amounts of data in order to plan future online marketing strategies. For businesses looking to increase revenue and site visitors, learning to leverage “Big Data” can help you unlock the key to successful forecasting and conversions.

Forecasting, Conversions and 5 Steps to Maximize Your Search ROI

Paul’s presentation takes you through the journey of a potential customer and how they are searching for your site and how you can be the result of that search. Watch the recorded webcast to learn how to:

▪ identify strengthens and weaknesses to influence marketing strategies
▪ analyze data for forecasting
▪ use conversions to see your current traffic values, forecast values and the market value

Forecasting, Conversions and 5 Steps to Maximize Your Search ROI

You can watch the recording at anytime on the Digital Marketing Depot site.

And don’t miss out on any of our upcoming webcasts. Our next upcoming webcast “5 Steps to Maximize Your Search ROI” is scheduled for July 25, 2013 at 11 EDT and hosted by me, Liv Longley (@livlongley).

This webcast focuses on the 5 steps you need to know in order to maximize your search ROI. We move away from the known silos of search marketing, and discuss One-Search: the future of search marketing intelligence. The webcast is based off a new White Paper – that users can download after the webcast – which examines how to understand your search market, identify your competitors, find keywords and combine your search and social strategies.

These five steps will help your business see long-term digital success. Register for the webcast now!

Please note: the exclusive discount provided in the webcast “Unlock the Keys to Forecasting and Conversions with Big Data” is not valid for those who registered after the live webcast on July 20, 2013.

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Comments (2)

Comments (2)

  1. 2013/07/04

    Hi There,

    I tried accessing the webcast on the other site but had no luck. Tried emailing them via the form but that had problems too. Are there contact details you recommend that I can use to get this webcast?



  2. 2013/07/04

    Hi Addam Hassan,

    You should have received an email from them containing the webcast – it might have gone to your spam folder. If you have not received an email, I will contact them to find a solution for you.


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