Keywords regarding gut instincts, a top SEO fail?

June 13th, 2013 | General 3 comments

 Searchmetrics SEO Fail survey

In 1996, two men began a research project called Google and the idea of SEO or what top SEO fails are, wasn’t even a thought. Seventeen years later, the world of Google has been fully integrated into our personal and professional lives to make things easy. Consumers search for information and businesses attempt to be that information – it’s simple. What’s not so simple is how these businesses show up as the information consumers seek.

For many, attempting to show up in search results or gain the visibility they need, can be a struggle. Many companies do not properly equip themselves or are unaware of the mistakes they are making.

Because search engines like Google do not share their rules or how they identify and rank companies, SEO is essentially a mystery. Ultimately making SEO mistakes common.

Last week we took a poll on our social networks to see what others believed the biggest SEO mistakes are. We asked, “What do you think are the biggest SEO mistakes that are made over and over again?”

Many replied, and here are some of the answers we liked:

  • Keywords regarding gut instincts
  • Web catalogue inscription, Link sharing with websites with non-relevant content & social bookmarks
  • Unprofessional keyword-research
  • Link spam on money keyword

 Searchmetrics top SEO Fail survey

  • Missing 404 Site
  • Multiple H1 in use
  • Keyword stuffing/spamming
  • Uninteresting title tags and meta descriptions, which do not draw interest to check the website

 Searchmetrics top SEO Fail

  • Duplicate Content
  • Missing “freshness” (steady website news)

Do you agree? Are these top SEO fails? Let us know in the comments.


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Comments (3)

Comments (3)

  1. 2013/06/13

    Getting on page correct is so important. There’s a fine line between clearly defining your text and anchor stuffing. It’s amazing however how many site wish to rank for “apples” and it doesn’t say “apples” anywhere on the page.

    You don’t have to stuff the site to get it right.

  2. 2013/06/18

    This information really helped me understand Things beyond my expertise. websites like this expanding knowledge everyone and I hope something like this will continue to grow.

  3. 2013/06/27

    One of the biggest mistakes listed in fresh content, but this really depends on the type of site you have. Nevertheless, fresh content always helps. Having quality and genuine content is a lot more important than having poor quality “fresh” content.

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